In 2018, New Balance launched X-90, and the 99x series was incorporated into the new shoe type to create a retro-styled shoe. In October last year, Reconstructed was launched with two colors. X-90. Now the brand has once again extended with the theme of reconstruction, and launched four new New Balance X-90 Reconstructed.

This New Balance X-90 Reconstructed continues the core concept of the shoe, using white, gray, blue, black and other basic color to maintain the retro taste of the series. I remember the Packer X New Balance X-90 Recon Infinity Edition that was a while ago. At that time, Packer and New Balance joined forces and used the unlimited banner to almost snap all the classic shoes. Double X-90, this time the brand returns to the basics, a shoe with a color, for those who love retro style, New Balance X-90 Reconstructed would be a good choice.

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